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History and Background

Interchange was established in 1989 as a partnership by Maxine Linnell and Irene Galant. They brought together years of experience in business as well as working in the voluntary sector. Both had been working as counsellors in private practice and shared a common aim in wanting to take counselling into the work setting.

Since 1989, Interchange has been building up expertise in supporting organisations to develop a counselling service for their staff. Initially working primarily with health authorities, further contracts included district councils and companies in the area previously covered by Avon.

Marianne Moser, who had been working as a counsellor for Interchange since 1992, joined Irene Galant to form a new partnership after Maxine's departure from Bristol. Marianne has a background in business, many years of experience as a counsellor and psychotherapist in educational and voluntary organisations as well as in private practice. In 2010, Irene left Interchange as she moved away from Bristol and Marianne has been co-ordinating the service since then.